About Tom

Thomas Young is a nationally known writer, speaker, and Internet marketing consultant. He is the CEO of Intuitive Websites, LLC a full-service Internet marketing and Web development firm located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Tom has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing and eight years of experience marketing on the Web.   He is the author of Intuitive Selling. Click on this link to follow Tom on Twitter.

History and Background

Tom realized the importance of marketing when he owned his first business at 24 years of age.  This lead to a career in sales and a burning desire to help companies and sales teams succeed.  He founded SalesTrainingPlus.com, a sales training firm in 1998, and grew it by marketing on the Web in the early days of the Internet.  The business gradually transformed into a high level Internet marketing firm as Tom shared his early Web successes and Internet marketing fundamentals with clients.   His successes on the Internet lead to the development and growth of Intuitive Websites.

Tom has a BA in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He was a collegiate swimmer, triathlete and currently an avid tennis and basketball player.  

He has had the opportunity to work with thousands of marketing and sales professionals providing Internet marketing services, sales training, recruiting, motivating, team building and helping them perform at top levels.  You can see Tom’s complete client list be clicking here.

Speaker Information

Tom is a Vistage (formally TEC) speaker and Vistage Associates member.  He speaks to Vistage groups around the country on Internet Marketing in his presentation, "Intuitive Websites."  Vistage is the world's largest CEO think tank and round table organization with thousands of members around the world.  To learn more about Vistage click here to visit www.Vistage.com.  Tom speaks to groups around the country on Internet marketing.

You can contact Tom directly for more information or for booking Tom as a speaker at your next event.


Tom has consulted with a diverse group of companies across the country including NEC, IntraWest, PaperDirect, Harcourt, The American Funds, OfficeDepot, Colorado Lottery, EAS, Colorado College, Copper Mountain Ski Resort and Spyderco to name a few. Tom has been featured in numerous publications, email newsletters and Websites. Click here to see a complete client list.


He has led online seminars on the CompuServe Sales Forum and at Vistage (formally TEC Online) which were seen by thousands of Web surfers, conducted public seminars on sales, marketing, and Website strategies and has been a guest on Hot Talk the Business-of-Business radio program and other TV and radio programs. He has been featured in the following publications and Websites:

  • Vistage.com
  • InBIZ
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Selling Power
  • What's Working in Sales Management
  • SalesMasterMind
  • The Competitive Advantage
  • Professional Selling
  • Agent's Sales Journal
  • Colorado Springs Business Journal
  • SalesLobby.com
  • To Name a few…